Solo Guide By Jason Stover

Hu Solo:

The good thing about hu is the build is pretty much the same regardless of what race you play against. I'll start off by going over the build and try to include some strategy and explaination as I go.

First start out by sending all the peasants to the mine and queue up two more while taking one of your mining peasants out of the mine line asap and having him build an altar. Unlike orc, the first worker that comes out of your main goes to build your barracks and the 2nd peasant created builds your first farm. The next peasant that comes out I either build a scout farm with(if building between you and your opponents base) or send him to gold and extract one when my first farm is about 75% complete. This way you will have optimum gold and be able to make footmen, all 8 lumber peasants, and your tower by about the time your hero gets out.

At around this point you to rally your town hall to the trees closest to your base and use the peasant that built your altar to scout by using the militia ability. If you are planning on towering someone right away, for example you see you have a NE opponent and think he is going hunts and is close by then before you build your 3rd farm you should start a lumber mill. If you are going to tower someone, do not build a tower in your base because you will need the resources. Otherwise, if you're playing anything but hu I would suggest building a 3rd farm and then tower. Against human, it is generally better to wait until after you have teched to build a tower so you can get your 2nd hero out sooner, and also because most humans creep until they at least have lvl 2.

The most important thing to consider about hu builds in solo is that you want to be able to trap units inside your base and make a safe haven for your peasants that can be covered entirely by your tower. It also helps to make sure you build your farm wall out far enough that you can build a tier 2 building inside your base if you get harassed at tier 2. If you built a lumber mill right after you teched to tier 2, generally peasants will clear enough wood for you to build one or both of your tier 2 buildings inside your base.


Unlike other races, and excluding MK use, Humans must creep their AM to lvl 2 before it is really very useful. As you may find out, or already have, the AM runs out of mana to make WE's unless he has brilliance aura. If you have brilliance aura then you should have enough mana to make a 2nd WE by the time the first runs out. The biggest suggestion I can make about creeping is make sure your altar is up asap and use militia to help creep different camps. If you are creeping an easy ornage camp then 3-4 militia in addition to your units and hero will generally be enough. If you want to creep an orange that will give you lvl 2, then you need to get at least 4-6 militia and summon your first WE when you get your hero. This way you can get it to the creeps with your units and by the time it is about to die you can summon a 2nd one to continue tanking for your units. Now, as some of you know, there are creeps with purge that like to use it on Humans summons, if this is the case you need to draw the creep camp out to their maximal engagement range. When this happens you can send militia and foots against the creeps that use purge and use the WE to tank the heavier unit(generally Melee). Normally if you do this right the purge creeps will purge your units and not the WE, so you can take minimal damage from the creep.

One other thing to keep in mind that relates to building is whether or not you plan to creep a merc camp before teching or just after you tech to tier 2. If you plan on doing this then you need to either build a 4th farm just prior to teching or build one while you creep the camp. This way you will get the optimal number of units early on and you can push the enemies base right after and do a bit of damage.

Tier 2 and just prior: On most maps creeping can only be done until level 2 before you get harassed significantly. This means that after your first 3-4 footmen you should be teching and on your way to tier 2. Your opponent will be doing the same at this time, so now I am going to discuss some strategy about how to do some damage to your opponent for each race.

Against Human it will be to your advantage to either have mercs to assist your pressuring or make sure to summon water elementals starting about half way to your opponents base. I recommend this so that when you actually do find his army you will have 1 extra WE summoned and it will give you a slight advantage in the fight. The best way to win the fight is just killing as many foots as possible while attempting to keep all of yours alive. If he either has an injured WE or you have a troll caster with abolish, then target the WE first for extra experience and an in fight advantage. Unless his hero gets into a really dumb spot, do not bother trying to surround or hero target him. If you win the first fight or do not engage him on the way to his base then do your best to take down his tower if it's in a bad position or not upgraded yet. If he has a well placed tower just do your best to cancel any buildings towards the front of his base and try to pick off a few peasants. To be the most effective with this you should send about 2-4 footman against each peasant you want to target while having your AM not get hit by his arcane tower. After the initial push you should have a shop up in your base and just reach tier 2 where you need to pick up a 2nd hero(tavern or otherwise), construct the necessary tier 2 buildings, heal up, and push your opponent again or expand or both.

Units against HU: NEVER GET RIFLES, get about 6-8 foots at the start and only more if you expanded before tier 2 and have excess gold. If he gets 2 summon heros(ex. FL 2nd) then get priests with dispel. If he gets 2 arcane sanctums and you scout him early enough to see this, then get morts and tech to tier 3 and put up another tower if needed(guard). If he techs to tier 3, you should to and try to get what will counter him best. Ex. if he goes morts+caster+knight, get griffs or do the same. If he techs to tier 3 and gets aviary as his 3rd building instead of workshop or sanctum, then get dhawks or gyro or both if you already have workshop built. Learn to use staff and paladin well, a lot of Hu tier 3 is about managing to keep your units alive by passing a staff of sanctuary around and using holy light appropriately. Also, make sure to try and have breakers/WE target casters and use thunderclap in areas of high concentrations of units.

VS ORC: Same general rules apply in creeping, but a few small variations including facing BM. When you are fighting a BM and he steals creeps you need to creep very cautiously. That means separating units often times and creeping very easy green camps to work your way to lvl 2. If the BM targets your hero a lot then get boots of speed and the BM will no longer be able to catch your AM. Once you get lvl 2 do your best to harass the orc and keep him from building his shop, mill, or extra burrows. Try not the lose any footmen during this time so when you tower the orc later you have the maximum number of units to hold his army off while the towers go up. Once you reach tier 2, go to the tavern and get a beast master 2nd with the quill beast ability. With your healthy units and two heros go to the orc base and cancel as many buildings as possible, generally he will have 2 tier 2 buildings going up and you should be able to at least cancel 1 of them or kill his shop or cancel a burrow. During the transition between going from the tavern to his base, build both your sanctums and use 2 peasants to build each and also build them in the back of your base if possible. Once you are done harassing the orc and you need to heal return to your base and heal up. Then buy 3 ivory towers and take your units, should be about 3-4 sorcs, footmen from start, and 5 militia, and go tower the orc base and summon your first summons about half way to the orc base so when you get to the orc your cool down will be up and you can have 2 WE and 2 quill beasts.

One variation to this is if itís a larger map and he gets both of his beastiarys up and starts massing weyv. If this happens then build an aviary instead of one of your sanctums and when you have a sufficient number of dragon hawks and casters then go push his base with towers.

If the map you are playing on does not have a tavern then it is likely easy to creep an expand and you should expand vs orc. This will require you to use militia effectively to make sure the expansion goes up and get an arcane tower at your expo as you build it. After the expand is up and safe, keep the orc from out creeping you significantly, get 12 total peasants on wood(8 main/4 expo), tech to tier 2 asap and harass the orc base and make sure he doesnít put up a counter expand. If it isnít a tavern map then you need to get mk 2nd and teching to tier 3 to get a paladin is probably a good idea as well.

Some points: Make sorcs only until you have 5-6 vs orc during your tower rush attempt, unless he has a FS, then I suggest getting about 3-4 and getting 1 priest and learning adept training asap to give you extra exp during the tower push and also to give you an advantage as you tower him. If he is camped inside his base and just hitting and running with aow (chain/wave) get some breakers and use summons/heros to kill catapults.

VS NE The same thing that applies to orc applies to NE with a few exceptions. You, of course, want to get lvl 2 unless you see he is going hunts and you spawn close to him. If this is the case then construct a lumber mill as soon as you see his hunt hall and be prepared to tower him. Make sure to send at least 4 peasants to militia or 5 and build more peasants and footman as money allows. When you get to his base cancel extra aows he builds and harass wisps while trying not to get detonated by wisps. Your first target should be to keep his DH off your AM and after that target archers and buildings in construction. The main thing about towering properly is making sure you macro really well because mistakes this early and a failed tower rush will almost guaranteed cost you the game. Just remember to keep sending militia as you get down to 3 peasants or lower and keep footmen rallying to the battle site so you can keep archers suppressed until the towers are up.

Most games wonít go like above and instead the NE you face will possibly aow creep and/or harass you and go archers. If you see he is going archers, then it is recommended that you do not try and tower him because he will have more units early and wonít have a very difficult time preventing your tower rush. So take this time to creep to level 2 and follow the tips I had listed above about facing orc. Creep cautiously if itís a small map and he can get there before level 2 or creep level 2 then proceed to harass him. The biggest suggestion I can make here is that you should go to the closest goblin merchant you can reach just after it turns to night and get boots of speed and dust of appearance(for his archers). In my experience, harassing NE early on with Hu is one of the best ways to improve your chances of winning later in the game. The priority target is to kill his archers so when you tower him at tier 2 later you have a unit advantage and increase your chances of getting your towers up. You should target 2-3 archers at one time by separating your footmen, hero, and WEís to increase your chance of killing more archers. If he hides them, use dust, after you get his archers out of the way or make them run out of his base target his buildings in construction. Also, kill wisps at the same time so he gets low on wood to build his lores later in the game.

After you harass the NE and hit tier 2, return to your base for a quick heal or your shop if you built it outside your base near the tavern to grab a naga and quickly return to harass some more and try and cancel his lores. After you have 3-5 footmen I generally recommend building a black smith and get rifles because it is the best way to kill his dryads early on when he only has a few and no master bears. At tier 2 you should also build a sanctum with 2 peasants and grab ivory towers right before you plan on towering him. Use your digression to determine the best time to do this. If you stopped his lores and did a lot of damage then tower as soon as you get your 2nd hero. To clarify, towering means to send 4-5 militia with your army to help repair towers and fight his army while the towers upgrade.

If you were moderately successful, then wait until you have 1-3 sorcs, 1 priest, and 1 breaker with your rifles to tower him along with five militia. If you were moderately successful he will likely have 1-2 bears out with rejuvenation and will most likely not get bear form until you have your towers up or just prior to that. Either way, you should have a slight advantage.

If you were unable to do much damage and only killed maybe an archer or two and maybe only canceled 1 building or only got a few wisps then you have to play this a little differently. Maybe he killed your AM or naga with his own naga and he has you trapped in your base while you heal up. If this is the case and he seems to have a slight advantage you need to creep up and do your best to get 3-3 heros. Either way you want to wait to fight until you have a varied number of units to engage him and win a fight without towers. While you are creeping to 3-3 he will likely have master bears right before you can get both heros to lvl 3 and he will probably have 1-2 staffs and his orb on his DH. This is the strongest time for him to fight, but if you did not do much damage against him earlier then you might not be ready to fight him so TP after you finish your creep if he tries to fight you. At this point just camp it out until you have at least 2 morts, 1 breaker(as many as you can though), 2-4 sorcs, 1-3 priests, and a few rifles. At this point he will be about the same level as you, but when you get this unit combo you will probably win the first initial fight you have even though food counts will be about equal. So use this to your advantage and call 5 militia to once again ivory tower his base. Do your best to keep your heros alive and try to kill as many bears as you can. Have your morts attack his dryads and keep your meat in front of your casters and morts and try to block the bears from getting to them if you can. If you get your towers up and donít lose your heros or all of your morts then you will probably be able to win by picking off buildings while being behind the towers.

Lastly, if itís a non tavern map then you should probably expand right away or when you first get an advantage. If you decide to expand instead of tower pushing the NE, then just get morts(3-5), casters(4-6 sorc, 2-4 priest, rest breakers), and some rifles and wait till you have 80 pop then use ivory towers to tower his base. If you expand then you need to make sure he does not do the same on you otherwise it will be a very difficult game to win.

VS UD: The goal is the same against UD in that you need lvl 2 AM to be able to win unit fights early on or do significant damage to the UD. So get lvl 2 and when you do harass the UD non-stop until tier 2. The key targets of your harass are to kill ghouls if he goes ghouls, keep him from creeping if he goes fiends, cancel buildings (grave yard or slaughter houses), kill acos, and kill his shop if you can. Against ghouls you need to keep killing his ghouls off so you can get a unit advantage while you tech right to tier 3 after getting your MK. At tier 2 heal up and use your Mkís bolt to surround his DK, kill ghouls, and this time try to target his acos if heís away from his base or kill his slaughter houses so he canít mass destros against you (real fucking pain as a human). This point of the game is critical because you need to decide what units to get vs the UD. If he builds 2 Slaughter houses and you see him massing statues you need to get 2 workshops to produce mass gyros. If you see him with 2 slaughter houses, but he is getting aboms then you should build 1 workshop and get a gryphon aviary to produce dhawks if you need additional aa and gryphs to kill his ghouls and aboms. If he does neither of these, but rather gets 2 statues, aboms, and fiends then you should go knights for his fiends, gryphs for his aboms, and a limited number of gyros just in case he turns those statues into destroyers.

However, you will not always face UD players who go ghouls. I for one use fiends vs Hu because I suck with ghouls, but also because I think it is easier to beat gyros/griffs later if you go fiends. If you see they have fiends, they will usually go a late hero build and you need to get lvl 2 asap and if possible, steal their creeps. Against fiends I recommend teching as early as possible because good UD players will not lose fiends against foots even if they have defend. So you will need MK for bolt or slow out early. If you didnít see him build a graveyard, but he got fiends then just stay within sight until you research defend and do your best to keep him from creeping. If you decide to go rifles/casters vs fiends(only time I suggest it vs UD is against fiends) then you need to get a smith after you learn defend. With an early tier 2 you can expo very easily because he will usually be lvl 2 at best and you will be able to kill units off and get a brief advantage while you expo. If you go rifles casters vs Ud then YOU NEED AN EXPANSION. So with your solo sanctum(for the moment) on the way and your first few rifles, buy 3 ivory towers, call 4-5 militia and clear the easiest expand to creep. Put up the towers and go pressure the UD as best you can with slow and storm bolt so he doesnít creep out of control and out level you.

With your expansion up then you can produce rifles in enough quantity to counter his destroyers while not losing them to aoe (nova/Impale). At this point you need to creep when he camps, harass his base or army when he creeps, and scout constantly so you know what 3rd and 4th production buildings to put up. If you see he is massing destroyers then I suggest getting a workshop as your 3rd building so you have both rifles and gyros to counter his destroyers. If he is getting aboms/destros then you should get a gryphon aviary and tech to tier 3 for gryphons. If he is massing fiends and aboms then get tier 3 and get knights, gryphons, and rifles to counter his army and use slow as needed to kill fiends and aboms. Regardless, I highly suggest going tier 3 and getting a pally 3rd for holy light and staff since he will do what most good UDís do and rely on his tri hero. The main reason pally is helpful is because with AM first he will get sniped a lot and it also gives you the chance to really snipe his heros.

The other viable choice you have against UD is expanding early and either going mass rifles with caster and/or air and/or mort support. Or you can do what a lot of humans do and put up a 2nd barracks right before going to tier 2 and mass footmen to keep an early game advantage while they tech to knights, 2 workshops for gyros, or mass air (gryphons and dragon hawks generally). The main thing again about expanding with human is that you have to make your number 1 priority canceling their expansion if they try it and number 2, kill acos, units, delay creeping, and cancel buildings. If you do not lose too much while expanding, avoid bad creep jacks, and keep the UD scouted and keep him from creeping excessively you can normally win with an expand. Just make sure you get a sufficient number of towers against the UD because having too few aa units with no towers is an auto loss against UDís especially when many mass destroyers.

The biggest tip I can give to you about UD is always keeping them scouted and make sure they donít catch you by surprise otherwise you will get screwed. Ud is notorious for winning off of bad creep jacks or massing a unit that counters you badly if you donít see it coming. I know all of this information is a bit of a read, but this is how I generally go about these match ups.