3v3 Guide By Bill McDulin

Three verses three all comes down to harassing and killing the opponents units without losing your own. For me I think that they best overall three versus three team would be a Night Elf, Orc and Undead. At first you will want to scout, which means that you will be typically send a base units (NE wisp, UD ghoul, HU peasant or ORC peon) to view the map and find out where the other bases are, including the races of each base. The main idea is to scout for opponents who would be easiest to kill their units and gain experience for your heroís. Typically the Night Elf and Orc would go Keeper of the Grove and Farseer for a harass while the Undead will go Death Knight and creep with crypt fiends.


At the start the Night Elf will typically give the Undead 100 gold so that the Undead will be able to get his hero out and start creeping. Typical builds for a Night Elf are four wisps on gold mine one wisp to build a alter and start pumping wisps out. First wisp out you build a moon well then fill your mine up with the second wisp out, followed by six or seven wisps to go gather lumber for you. As soon as you have 210 gold and 100 wood, you need to build a huntress hall. Then build an ancient of war followed by a moon well and then another ancient of war. As soon as your hero is out you will need to go harass with the Orc.

Orc usually goes five peons on the mine, with the first peon who brings back gold building a alter. The first peon out will build a burrow and the second one will then build a barracks. The next peon out will be put on the mine and then the next three will go to wood. After the peons who are building a alter and a burrow get done send them to gather wood. Make sure that you donít forget to build your Farseer. As soon as the peon who is building the barracks out is done, you have him build another burrow. Now you wait until you have 280 gold and then you build a grunt and a peon. As soon as you get another 75 gold build another peon. Just before your first grunt is out you will have 200 gold and you need to build another grunt. The reason that you wait is so that you can build a grunt and a peon simultaneously, just as your second burrow is finishing. By this time your hero and first grunt will be out and you can begin your harass with the Night Elf.

Undead build is usually three acolytes on the gold mine with the first acolyte that is out to build a graveyard by trees and a crypt, then send the acolyte to the gold mine. By this time you should have the 100 gold and should then build a alter. The next acolyte goes directly to the gold mine. As soon as you have 150 gold you should build a ziggurat. Next you will then build another ziggurat and then a shop. As soon as your crypt is done, you will build one ghoul and send it to gather wood. As soon as your alter is built you will start building your Death Knight. When you get 215 gold you will then build a crypt fiend, followed by upgrading one of your zigguratís to a nerubian tower. Next build another fiend and then your hero and first fiend should be out. Get a rod of necromancer from your shop and then summon 2 skeletons and go kill some creeps while your allies go harass.

Harass / Creeping

Now that you have your heroís out you will have scouted the other bases and realized which base to harass. From the best bases to harass to the worst bases to harass it goes Humans, Night Elf or Orc, followed by Undead. On a harass you will want to have your Keeper of the Grove entangle units while your Farseer uses his wolves and grunt to kill the unit. Most opponents will focus on the Keeper, because if units are entangled then they are easier to kill. Normally you will want to stay as long as you can without losing as much as you can. Then you will go back to your bases and heal up and then bring more units along with you.

By the time the Night Elf and Orc are back from their initial harass the Undead should have a hero that is at least level two if not level three. The best thing for an Undead to do is to creep a gold mine in the process of when the Night Elf and Orc are harassing. The reason for this is so that when the Night Elf and Orc are done harassing the Night Elf can expand, while all three teammates go and hit a base.

Late Game

Most of the time it the Night Elf will remain tier one and just mass hunts with Keeper of the Grove, while the Orc will go Farseer and Tauren Chieftan with Grunts to Witch Doctors and Tauren and the Undead will go Death Knight and Lich with Crypt Fiends Statues and Destroyers.


Micro and Macro are probably the biggest keys that are involved with this game. You need to be able to keep your units alive (micro) and be able to tech and build units all at the same time (macro). The easiest thing that I have noticed is to hotkey a building that produces the units that you are using. To hotkey buildings just select it and then click the Ctrl + Choose a Number. This will then make that number reference that building, making it easier to build units.

Tips for Night Elves are to tangle units and then focus fire on other units. When units are tangled they cannot attack so you can then focus on other units.