Information Page

This website is to inform players who play Warcraft III The Frozen Throne what I think is the best overall race(s) along with unit choices for Solo, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4


Undead is a race that all revolves around the dead and corpses. Their four main hero's are the Death Knight, Lich, Crypt Lord, and Dreadlord. Most people who play undead love to creep and do something called nuking which is where you focus your skills (ie Death Knight has a move called Death Coil) and focus on hitting hero's and killing them very quickly. A good undead player usually goes Death Knight and Lich with the Lich getting a Orb of Corruption which lowers the enemies armor by five. The typical units for a undead are fiends to statues and destroyers, but obvously this may vary depending on the game type. I have included a pretty good guide in the 3v3 guide for Undead


Orc is a race which is known for its melee and caster skills. The orc's four main hero's are the Tauren Chieftan, Farseer, Blademaster, and Shadow Hunter. The typical orc style varies very much based upon which type of game play you are playing, please read the 3v3 guide to see a good strat for Orc


Human is a race which is very versatile. The four main hero's are the Archmage, Mountain King, Paladin, and Bloodmage. Human since being the most versatile race has tons of strats and you can look at the solo page for more assistance

Night Elf

Night Elf is known for their massive units and easy capabilities of healing off of their moon wells. The four main hero's are Demon Hunter, Keeper of the Grove, Priestess of the Moon, and Warden